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a scholarship program with the help of the evelyn and walter hough junior fund. about00 students will receive a portion of the money. >> it's an investment in them, their futures and what they dillwill do for state and country, over time. >> another $300,000 was donated to help create dreamers resource center. here, undocumented students get services they need. >> and this tells students if you get into uc berkeley we're going to support you. >> the legislature passed a bill giving students access to state grants starting next fall. glenn co-authored proposition 209 ending affirmative action preferences in the public sector. >> the state of california turns around and says we're going to ignore the federal law. the federal government doesn't seem to be doing anything about it. >> some people feel if anyone didn't go through the proper ses they don't belong here. it's a political view. i can't do anything about that. these are talented people. in the current era with all of the challenges we have in california we cannot afford to waste this kind of talent. >> one undocumented student taking th
't come back and say yeah, we'll do it, what are you going to and hough time are you going to give him? >> well, we, it is not, we're not in the ultimatum business. we're in the recommendation business. and we ho that, that others will al encourage him to do the same thing. what we're looking for i discussion so that we can sequence these ings in order that achieves our goals at the least cost. melissa: okay. stuart, it's a good fight. let know what we can do to help. if you get aespo, please call us becse we want to know. >> very good. thank you very much, melissa. melissa: time now for today's fuel gaugereport. you feel like the governor is going toall right away, right? i do. no, i don't oil broke a tee-day winng streak. choppy day of trading due to concerns over the fiscal cliff. crude pulled back fr seion lows. $88.50 a barrel. >>> naral gas futures fell the fourth time in five sessions. forecasters say temperate weather is expected to continue for much of the country. whoo-h, lowering olook% for natural gasemand. >> lower compensation for ceo rex tillerson. his salary will rise
. it is almost beyond belief, is hough it not? so, for me, i just have to tell you, since i know all the decisions we have to make are not intellectually demanding, they just take political courage, i cannot agree to any process like it s learn -- we have hadwo dry runs. thcongre put the fiscal solvthat issue right now - at is whatneed to do count me out. >> mar do you want to take > you ise a great point. thiss whpeople's eyes say whatever you want t say, bhe notion, and this is margaret's approach a little bet -- i do think there will be a relationship between revenues and entitlements if we need to go bigger, we ed that the american people is going to buy into this notion of, ok, we will t thes taxes go up. then we go through this magical witching hour -- 90% disapproval goes up to 99% disapproval. that you have to get north of three -- you do this, you will get 500 in interest savings alone. they should not be as challenging as it is. one other thing -- the only thing i would disagree with bob a little, that is on the fact and continue to be a huge advocate of the tax reformit i
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)